Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cute pets

While I've never been mad about getting pets and also I'm not prone to spend money on game items (other than the monthly fee), yesterday I couldn't resist and got the two pets you can only buy through the Blizzard Store. Let me introduce you the Pandaren Monk. He bows, practices kung-fu moves and finishes with the world famous "crane stance" from The Karate Kid movie.

And now cower in fear in presence of Lil' K.T., the mini-version of the Archlich. He laughs when your enemies die and also freezes critters to dead and then cackles at their demise. And it's Kel'Thuzad himself who writes the letter in which he comes attached.


  1. God Li'll KT is cute....


    *very very tempted*

  2. Yep, I've found KT is much quieter than the pandaren monk. The monk can be squeaking almost allt he time and doing the chops and kicks, so after some time of playing (specially in an instance) can get up your nerves. KT's procs are not so often. Only from time to time he spins his head while laughing and the critter iceblock is even scarcer, so it's a better companion for dungeons and raids.