Sunday, March 28, 2010

Standing at the back wearing plate

Any The Order of the Stick fans out there? If not, go and check the last page posted here (since I'm late again posting it's no longer the last one, seesh!).
Even it's not WoW-webcomic (in fact it's based in D&D rpg) you'll sure chuckle about the definition Tsukiko (one of the evil ones) gives about paladins. Then I remembered this post in MMO-Champion about letting the healers do some dps (something they already do when overgearing content) and what some colleagues said about how paladins were played in Warhammer Online (sorry, never tried it, was too hooked on WoW): they had to be in the line of scrimmage in order to get power to cast heals. And I like this idea. Protection and Retribution paladins are already in the middle of the fray, but Holy just stands in the back like any priest in sissy robe (hello Tam! ;) ). It just doesn't feel right. As Tsukiko says a paladin should be bossing around, yelling "don't tell me how to heal boy! I was already healing dungeons when you were crapping your pants in Northshire Abbey!" (add here an image of a veteran paladin with a grey moustache and a deep rough voice). We're the only healing class wearing plate, so why don't take advantage of this? I don't think Holy should change so radically that you only get mana when smitting your foes with the powers of the Light, but some more action, now that Cataclysm will (or at least they say) avoid getting these terrible damage spikes, would be nice. It would also fit the class better.
For the Light!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Regaining some SANity

Lately my beloved *urnaks have been placed on a sort of holidays. I'm tired of the daily routine and since we've had several raids cancelled in a row that means nothing new or exciting to do, just grind heroics endlessly. And after three runs one also gets tired of this, specially when pugging. I still have several chars who need tons of emblems for either main spec's gear or secondary also. But unless I'm lucky to join an all or almost-all guild run, joining the Dungeon Finder it's a pain to me. First because unless I'm bringing a tank or a healer I have to wait a ridiculous amount of time doing nothing more than grinding mats or twiddling my thumbs. But the second reason is still more important: I have zero patience for dickheads nowadays. After waiting 18 minutes to get my dps on an heroic run where unless it's one of the new dungeons I won't get anything useful but emblems, the last thing I need it's a failpug run. Thanks but no.
Under these circumstances I'd surely retire from WoW until Cataclysm, but luckily that won't happen. And all thanks to Single Abstract Noun, the bloggers' guild created by Tamarind. A place to relax, level your char at your own pace without any pressure, enjoying the social atmosphere of a guild full of helpful people. People from all Europe (SAN has also US and Oceanic versions if you're interested in joining and don't belong to the EU region), always ready to talk about anything, be it game related or not.
Also since the european SAN guild belongs to the Horde I have the chance to see places where before I could only get near for a second and then run away with a pvp flag on my head and several angry guards and players on my heels. "The Explorer" was the first title I ever got on WoW, but now I can explore Horde areas in a more relaxed way. Quests are also new to me, since after leveling 10 Alliance characters to 80 you already know the drill. The server is also a RP server, but that's something I haven't sunk my fingers on.
So if you have a blog or are just a reader you'll be welcome to join Single Abstract Noun on any of the regions. Your SANity will thank you.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A great place to be

If you read my blog then surely you're a reader of Righteous Orbs. If not, then you shall go and read it, it's an order! Tam and Chas really catch you with their posts and it's impossible to resist the urge to jump in and drop some lines. Ok, if you're a Righteous Orbs reader then you probably know about the incident Tamarind had with his guild and how this lead him to gquit. But Tam is a special person and this incident brought a good idea to his mind: to create a guild where bloggers and readers could meet, play together, discuss, whatever they felt like. Go to Tam's post about the Single Abstract Noun guild and read it, he's much better than me at writing down words :)
So I've decided to join too the Single Abstract Noun. Currently I'm playing a belf mage called Seredar, but I'm planning to bring a belf paladin tank too, since there's a shortage of them in the guild, named Verech.
Since I always liked leveling chars it's a breath of fresh air since playing at level 80 has become a tad bit boring: randoms, dailies, more randoms... only some ICC raiding really motivates me, but we keep hitting the Festergut and Rotface brickwalls, even with the new buff. So SAN is a place where I feel free of these game frustrations and also have the joy of leveling with people I've been reading and sharing thoughts.
Meet you there!

PS: Verech is already in, competing with the one and only, Tamarind himself, to be the sexiest belf tank of SAN. He has advantage though, he wears heirlooms! But at least I got a little revenge: he mocked my pants... but he's now wearing the same, the copycat! Seems I'm leading on this season' style! Yeah! Pretty Points for Verech!