Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Your nightmare class as healer

In my previous entry I commented (poorly I must admit, so thanks to Failadin for pointing it out) about how the class I feared most as a healer, the retri paladin,  wasn't because all of them I've found until now were playing carelesssly, without putting much attention on the situation. Long story short: I always found retri paladins were taking too much damage and I thought they didn't care much about playing correctly. Then I got to try the class and even I was playing like I've always done with any other melee class (attack from behind, be quick to move out of fire, cleanse your own debuffs if possible) I was still getting too much damage. Maybe having a poor dps gear (Verech is a tank who just dualed retri and has a very poor dps set) made things worse, but I still don't know why this specifc class is my "black beast" as a healer, just that I always have to put special attention on them, more than on rogues or elemental shamans. Warriors and DKs usually don't need much attention (unless they do things in the complete wrong way). If I'm on my holy pally, Beacon of Light is always set on them.
So aside why retris are getting this damage, which is the class you fear most as a healer? Do you think there's a logic explanation why that class needs extra care?


  1. Funny, for me dps warriors are the ones who always soak tons of extra healing. Even if the player seems competent on the whole they just appear to have massive aggro problems and always get some mob or another glued to their face.

    I'm also a bit wary of death knight tanks, because every now and then I run into one who is squishy is all hell for no apparent reason - well geared, sensibly gemmed and enchanted, properly talented as far as I can tell, in frost presence; and yet I still have to spam like crazy to keep them alive. It's just unsettling.

  2. Feral druids and retardins... But that is as a tank :)
    when healing all I fear is tanks not getting all the mobs. when dps die due to their own damned fault, I don't bother much. Guess why I do not have a healer as a main anymore :)

  3. I always find dps warriors the squishiest when I am healing, but I think that's because of my tunnel vision that the warrior is the tank, and thus should take no damage, so it comes as a surprise when they do.

    I only started taking damage a lot as a retridin when I got the 2pc tier10 set and my *wow look how many times my whirling thingy of doom proc's* got cut off by me dying..