Friday, July 9, 2010

Bye bye real names!

It couldn't end in any other way. After the HUGE shitstorm unleashed over the internet, Blizzard is dropping the use of real names in forum posts. Even all players did a great noise on forums, social media and anywhere you can think of, I'm pretty sure it was the legal implications rather than our complains. Anyway, it worked.


  1. Probably a bit of both actually. Lots of players would've been unhappy, quitting and what not. Bad reputation isn't good either ;-)

    I'm actually pretty sue they could've gotten away with it, legally. Their ToS are pretty watertight.

  2. Hey Kurnak, feel free to delete this but I thought the guild might be intersting in this:
    They are a great bunch of guys. At least the last time I hung around them, and I see plenty of names I remember fondly from TLR.

  3. Thx D, will check with the rest of TG, but partnership has always ended in a bad way except for SF case, so people is very skeptical of joining forces with people outside TG or SF.