Thursday, March 31, 2011

And I tanked

It's been a while since my last entry. Not much to comment, most of the important WoW news happened outside my game. I've been mainly raising the alts and leveling reputation (got 8 85s at the moment, missing only warlock at 83 and rogue at 81), which is kind of boring, but given the actual PUG status, even going as dps has been a pain and I've shunned pugging heroics. The worst of all is the guild status, with very few people active at the moment and they're also raising alts. A vicious circle, but sometimes we get the chance to break it. Like yesterday.
Finally we got some 85s and decided to try doing an heroic guild run. Our best tank had been AFK for a long time and decided to tank if the run was an all-guildies party. First because I don't have experience tanking heroics (I think I've tanked only BRC normal) so I needed to learn who to cc and the boss strats, so having puggeers whinning and kicking me out. And second because the healer also felt it lacked enough power to keep us alive, so same history. I got my prot pally, the druid went resto and we got an elemental shaman and two hunters ( no idea about the spec :D).
Lady RNG flipped the bird at us with Lost City of the Tol'vir, a place I've done maybe 3 times, one as normal and two as heroic, always as dps. Things started chaotically as we zoned in I informed I got a phone call and one of the hunters pulled the first pack, so as I returned to my chair I got into panic mode directly. Luckily I managed to grab all the mobs. After this start things went pretty smooth and we downed General Husam on first try without much problems.
The first wipe came on the pygmies near the corridor to Lockmaw/Augh, when suddenly a flamebreather appeared of seemingly nowhere and torched the healer. And I was pulling them carefully because I knew it was easy to get extra mobs in that place, but to no avail. At least it was soemthing easily fixable and next time we dealt with the pygmies easily.
Then came the big problem. Lockmaw proved to be very hard for our group. First it was the healer not confident in his role (he compalined about his gear, but I didn't feel he was underpowered), second the low dps, specially from one of the hunters who was pulling very low numbers for an heroic. And the third problem was the crockolisks munching the rest of the party, despite me using all taunts and bubbles to keep them alive and grab the crocs. I felt like a healer watching the party bars, finding who was being attacked and using Righteous Defense, Hand of Reckoning, whatever... even using Word of Glory on who was low on hps.
So we wiped and wiped and wiped, with Lockmaw at 18 or 15%. Finally the shaman decided to go resto and the druid went cat and after a pair more of wipes we managed to kill that damned beast. Unluckily it got late so we didn't have much time left. We reached High Prophet Barim, probably the boss I hate more in this instance and only had a try, that ended after reaching phase two when the healer died.
So even what it seems a poor performance (and by today' standards probably is) at least it gave us some fun (until the repetitive wipes on Lockmaw) and a great dose of experience, at least for me in the tanking business. Even the low dps hunter got a new shiny polearm to help him improve.
Now I hope we get more guild runs so we can keep improving and not having to depend on pugs, even if the first runs are a wipefest.


  1. Nice to hear from you again, I was wondering how you were doing. I still admire your dedication to all your alts, players like you are rare. :D

    I dared to pug a few heroics again recently and they've been surprisingly painless on the whole, close to WOTLK AoE fests really. I guess people in my battlegroup cluster (or however servers are grouped these days) have either learned or given up.

  2. Tanking does not need to be so straining. delegate that responsability, I had -mid rant- some good suggestions (if I do say so myself) on how to take some of the stress away from the tank, and make room for the fun... for everyone.