Thursday, June 30, 2011

The counterattack!

So Rage of the Firelands is here (for those who're not aware it's the official name of the patch 4.2), but I don't want to comment about the goodies and nerfs of the patch. Since the release day (for us europeans was yesterday wednesday) I've seen this upon opening the Curse client to update my addons:

You may say... what's wrong with it? We've seen Rift anounces on Curse client before. The thing is since yesterday the Curse client only plays the Rift ad, at least for me. No matter when I launch the client, looking for more updates (still missing some important ones), the ad is always the same. And never before I've seen this with the embedded ads. I'm tired of seeing these tables/stools for laptops, that wave/current generator... but when launching the client several times at different times the ad usually changed. Not now.
So... what's the fuzz about, you may ask. Right, there're no laws against it and I'm pretty sure Rift creators have spent a huge and obscene quantity of money to place this ad during the days when Curse client is most launched, the patch days, specially if it brings new content. Expect to still see that ad in the coming days. But I'd like to ask your (and hence the reason of the post)... do you think it's a clever strategy to place your product during the days where tons of people are going to use the competence's product?  Of course it's an opportunity to reach a bigger audience, but I'd say anyone "pro" enough to use addons (and specially an addon manager) has heard before about Rift or any other MMO that tries to get its piece of the cake.
Doers it really pay back? The people who launches the Curse client today wants to play WoW and dedicate enough time and efforts to taste the Firelands as deep as possible, They won't dedicate that time to test another MMO... and I'd dare to add, one that's so simmilar to WoW.
In our days, commercials (in all kind of media) must stand out in order for people to pay enough attention to them. And that attention doesn't fully translate into success (read they sell more than before). I'm pretty sure you all remember tv commercials of any product that were really innovative, different, funny or beautiful enough (otherwise you wouldn't remember them) but that didn't compel you to buy the product announced.
And the last point... insistence usually ends in backslash. I don't know you, but I'm tired of seeing always the same animation. And this is working heavily against testing Rift or become a regular player. If at least they offered different animations everytime I launch the Curse client...


  1. I think it's smart. You are tired of wow, on the brink of ending your monthly payment. You give firelands a try. Log in. Moan. Log out, and try and update all your addons, while you are frustrated with WoW, you see an add for Rift.

    Two weeks later when the novelty has worn off, you'll -maybe- still remember that rift was there, promising new stuff, and with no addon hassle.

  2. I keep thinking it will produce the opposite. If you're really tired of WoW you won't even consider Firelands... that promise of novelties has been made before and you've always end bored and deceived.
    If you're on "last chance" status, and you end bored again, probably you'll want to try another things that's totally different from WoW, like World of Tanks, or another MMO not based in a typical fantasy world with warriors, mages, orcs, dwarves, etc (even if playability is simmilar to WoW)
    The thing is, seeing that ad every day is producing the opposite effect on me. If I get tired of WoW wouldn't run into Rift's arms.