Sunday, March 28, 2010

Standing at the back wearing plate

Any The Order of the Stick fans out there? If not, go and check the last page posted here (since I'm late again posting it's no longer the last one, seesh!).
Even it's not WoW-webcomic (in fact it's based in D&D rpg) you'll sure chuckle about the definition Tsukiko (one of the evil ones) gives about paladins. Then I remembered this post in MMO-Champion about letting the healers do some dps (something they already do when overgearing content) and what some colleagues said about how paladins were played in Warhammer Online (sorry, never tried it, was too hooked on WoW): they had to be in the line of scrimmage in order to get power to cast heals. And I like this idea. Protection and Retribution paladins are already in the middle of the fray, but Holy just stands in the back like any priest in sissy robe (hello Tam! ;) ). It just doesn't feel right. As Tsukiko says a paladin should be bossing around, yelling "don't tell me how to heal boy! I was already healing dungeons when you were crapping your pants in Northshire Abbey!" (add here an image of a veteran paladin with a grey moustache and a deep rough voice). We're the only healing class wearing plate, so why don't take advantage of this? I don't think Holy should change so radically that you only get mana when smitting your foes with the powers of the Light, but some more action, now that Cataclysm will (or at least they say) avoid getting these terrible damage spikes, would be nice. It would also fit the class better.
For the Light!

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