Sunday, March 7, 2010

A great place to be

If you read my blog then surely you're a reader of Righteous Orbs. If not, then you shall go and read it, it's an order! Tam and Chas really catch you with their posts and it's impossible to resist the urge to jump in and drop some lines. Ok, if you're a Righteous Orbs reader then you probably know about the incident Tamarind had with his guild and how this lead him to gquit. But Tam is a special person and this incident brought a good idea to his mind: to create a guild where bloggers and readers could meet, play together, discuss, whatever they felt like. Go to Tam's post about the Single Abstract Noun guild and read it, he's much better than me at writing down words :)
So I've decided to join too the Single Abstract Noun. Currently I'm playing a belf mage called Seredar, but I'm planning to bring a belf paladin tank too, since there's a shortage of them in the guild, named Verech.
Since I always liked leveling chars it's a breath of fresh air since playing at level 80 has become a tad bit boring: randoms, dailies, more randoms... only some ICC raiding really motivates me, but we keep hitting the Festergut and Rotface brickwalls, even with the new buff. So SAN is a place where I feel free of these game frustrations and also have the joy of leveling with people I've been reading and sharing thoughts.
Meet you there!

PS: Verech is already in, competing with the one and only, Tamarind himself, to be the sexiest belf tank of SAN. He has advantage though, he wears heirlooms! But at least I got a little revenge: he mocked my pants... but he's now wearing the same, the copycat! Seems I'm leading on this season' style! Yeah! Pretty Points for Verech!


  1. OMG, so that was you tanking my RFC run earlier! (I'm Shintam the shaman.) And to think I wasn't even trying to group with people I know at that point... you just can't take five steps without stepping on a SAN member at the moment. :)

  2. Yes, it was me! Yesterday I was looking for you in SAN but didn't see you. And today I found you when I joined the RFC run and checked the guild list.
    And about that RFC run... will be on my nightmares! A tank without any tanking abilities (I was using the consume mana racial to do a mini-aoe and get the packs of mobs on me), without any special attack except the judgement... and I think the lowest level there, so I had to run around like a fool to snap aggro off everybody, specially that trigger-happy warlock /facepalm it was a miracle we didn't wipe, even once! That or we had an imba healer ;)

  3. **Your blog drives me nuts, please let me comment as someone other than Snottydin :) This is Tam, not Snotty**

    I think we even have the same hair... except Tam is blonde, blonde, blonde like Captain Awesome :)