Monday, September 21, 2009

Every story has a beginning

Hello there, brave adventurer! Welcome to The *urnaks! A place of thrilling mysteries and... oh wait! Sorry! I can't start like this. Let's try again... Beware brave adventurer, tread carefully on the... cut!! Can I take a different approach? This is not even original. Once upon a time... no! Somebody fire the writer please!
Ok, I'll do all the dirty work. My name is Kurnak, a veteran warrior of the Hellscream EU realm and elder of the *urnak family. Me and my alts have been around the world of Azeroth since almost the begining. So what's the deal with this blog? You won't find here theorycrafting or statistics. I'm not a numbers junkie. I prefer to have fun rather than chugging out "bit critz lol!". I know there're lots of blogs with funny stories out there and I hope to bring you some too.
So first of all let me introduce you the family and friends:

Kurnak. Warrior. Cold and precise. He's my main char, the first one I created. Not rare, I tend to create a warrior on all MUDs/RPGs/MMORPGs I play. maybe because is possibly the easiest character and lets you get the grip on the game. He enjoys bashing heads (started as Arms until I got really tired of it and discovered the joy of Fury). He doesn't like tanking but when needed he switchs to Protection and puts his face on the frontline, ready to be biffed and spanked just so the rest of the group can dps safely.

Turnak. Paladin. Caring and generous. He started a career as dps when Retribution wasn't a good dps spec, so he finally switched to Holy (guild was low on healers too). While Kurnak doesn't like tanking he really loves it. I suspect he has a secret passion for martyrdom.

Murnak. Priest. Serious and with a twisted vein. Follower of the Shadow during his entire life he discovered the joy of Discipline some time ago. Nothing teachs you better to respect the gods than a good face melting.

Vurnak. Mage. Wild and a bit crazy. After playing with the Arcane for some little time he decided to investigate the power of Frost until he turned to the other side... Fire. Only to go back to Frost. And he's thinking on switching again.

Surnak. Warlock. Cold and dangerous. After mastering the way of Affliction turned to Demonology to investigate the preternatural beings that can be summoned into Azeroth. Someone you don't want to upset.

Jurnak. Rogue. Cheerful and playful. The younger of the family and possibly the most irresponsible. He forged a respectable career in the field of Assassination but decided to give a shot to Combat. He's still developing his rogue skills and plans to go back to Assassination because he just loves to wield daggers.

Durnak. Death Knight. Dreadful and fearless. The last member of the family who came back from the Dark Side and offered his abilities in Blood and Frost to the Alliance. He thinks the Lich King is a boring snob.

These're all the *urnak family members, but in their joruneys around the Warcraft world they made some great friends that share their adventures in Azeroth and Outland.

Grimbol. Hunter. Brawler and good-hearted. This proud son of Ironforge swore to follow the *urnaks wherever they went. A great Marksman in his early years he decided to extend his love for beasts and decided to go deep in the ways of Beast Mastery.

Lorathiel. Druid. Distant and silent. No one really knows why he decided to follow the family, but they're happy to have this professional Feral and Restoration druid around. He enjoys prowling around stealthed and you never know when he's there watching you.

Valaak. Shaman. Solid and loyal. The last companion that joined the band, coming from the crashed ship Exodar, crossed the paths with the family and found their goals were the same, so he offered his knowledge in the art of war as Enhancement and also his healing skills as Restoration.

So now you know the family a bit. What's then with them? Although I like to add some roleplay I've never developed a full personality for all (or at all in most cases), so I usually don't project difrferent parts of me into the different characters. All are basically me :) I find disappointing that all races (and specially with humans) have an unique body configuration. It would be great to have mages and warlocks with a crooked and fragile look, fat and rounded priests, warriors with a beer-belly and so. Shouldn't be a big deal when you check the amount of models WoW has. Who knows... maybe in some very future expansion...
And what about the blog itself? I don't really have a script or goal for it. I want to write about any possible aspect of WoW, specially about the funny issues you might find on a daily basis. After all, WoW is a game and the goal is to have fun with it. When you get your nineth character to level 80 there's not much fun in the daily play per se. It's the people behind the characters who really make you login everyday, either by what they say or the actions they perform in-game. So again be welcomed here, hope you find my posts amusing.

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