Monday, September 28, 2009

Lich King soup

There's an expression in spanish, "hasta en la sopa" (even in the soup) that's used when something or someone can be found everywhere and everytime. And this is the feeling I have with the Lich King: you can find him even in the soup. And everytime is the same: grand entrance, threats you with the fist of doom (/threat) and then spares your sorry ass because he sees something in you but you're not yet a challenge for him. As if it this stopped him from slaughtering hundreds before...
Anyway, the first time we saw the Lich King in Northrend we thought it was a real good idea to show you the Last-Boss-of-the-expansion tm without having to level your char and do a painful attunement (no more attunements in WotLK, yay!) and get your face smashed to the ground by every boss until you get to the top of the Frozen Throne (which at present day still doesn't exist) so you can glimpse the Lich King in full glory (before your face is smashed down again and you have to pick up your teeth one by one again). A clever move by Blizzard, who using the phase technology helped us to get into the story much better. But the problem is always balance: either too few of anything or too much. And imho Blizz has gone to the other side with the Lich King. he appears in several places and his reputation of bloody murderer gets smashed to the floor (yeah, like your face) because you're still breathing instead of having joined the "Thriller Zombie Army". Dissapointing. Lich King's personality has been badly wounded. I got into Trial of the Crusader the other day and while his appearance before Anub'arak is cool (won't spoil anything, don't worry), you don't get excited for seeing him around... "oh, Arthas again. Looser!" is the common reaction. Even /ruding or /farting him is not fun anymore and the only emote that still pops from time to time is /bored
The worst, however, has yet to come with the release of Icecrown patch. I expect he'll be there on almost every boss fight. We have another phrase in spanish for these situations: "no quieres caldo? pues toma dos tazas!" (you don't want broth? then take two bowls!). As I said: Lich King even in the soup!

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