Thursday, October 8, 2009

New level cap (WTF!)

Just take a look at the Looking For Group channel. Haven't you seen lately low level people (1-20) in subchannels like Trial of the Champion (normal and heroic)? Well, i just saw THIS:

Talked to her and asked if she was a GM :D

On the other hand, I just had another example, this time in a ToC hc pug, of a dickhead healer. We got a druid who couldn't stay 2 seconds without jumping around and the tank (a paladin with 30k) was always below 20% health. He didn't cast almost any nourish or regrowth, relying only in lifebloom/renew. Of course we didn't manage to get the Black Knight down and after several fails the group disbanded. What a piece of crap!


  1. Hm, does that also mean that shamans will be able to tank again soon? Intriguing. ;)

  2. I hope not! But with Blizzard making the game easier everyday, you never know...

  3. Askara has a shield, surely that means she can tank? And as the person who came up with the name *urnak, I hereby claim this blog as my own!

  4. Ah, but you didn't register it, so you don't have any copyright claims :P