Sunday, October 11, 2009

This is the end... for now!

Leveling is no more! Jurnak got early today to 80, so now all *urnaks are top level. He still needs to do some questchains (Shadow Vault, Sons of Hodir) but right now priority is to get some decent gear. I still don't know what to do with the spec. I always was Assassination, but I switched to combat to finnish the leveling. Combat has been always the dps raid spec, but with the last changes to Assassination (no more Hunger for Blood stacking before the fight) the dps has come very close to Combat output. Also I've always felt daggers are the best suited weapon for rogues. I could go dual-specced, but being a pure dps class I don't see any advantage in one over the other. And I don't feel like going Sublety, just to bring Honor Amongs Thieves. Also I don't expect to raid much with him.
Anyway, I'll try to level leatherwoking first. I'm still below 440 and some crafter epics would be good for him.

Post soundtrack: 'This is the end' by The Doors


  1. Grats, there's something scary about actually having a max level character of every class, I'd imagine that rolling alts would suddenly be considerably less fun!

  2. True, but I can still respec some to test new things. Also got some lowbies in another server (I play them when Hellscream is down), so you never know...
    Anyway I still need to max some professions (leatherworking and tailoring), get more rep for several factions on almost all toons.. a lot of work :)